About Us

FAMH - Foundation for Addiction and Mental HealthFAMH is a grass roots community based charitable organization committed to sharing the reality about addiction and mental health, the potential links between addiction and other secondary health conditions, and the continuing care required for long term recovery.

Founded in 2013 by members of the community; including persons in recovery, family members, friends and professionals, whose experience with addiction and mental health and recovery has been different from the prevailing societal perceptions, professional opinions and government policies. Our experience in active addition and recovery clearly indicates that addiction and mental health problems are a health condition, that addiction and mental health problems are not a choice. Addiction and mental health problems can be prevented, assessed and treated. Addiction is always a primary health condition, whereas mental health problems can be primary or secondary health conditions.


  • Addiction and Mental Health Awareness Seminars; “Mind the Brain”
  • Participation in public events related to addiction and mental health
  • Corporate lunch and learns (to schedule one for your organization click here)
  • Program development for cooperation between professional (PCN) and non-­‐professional (FAMH Volunteers) to assist with treatment and prevention of moderate addiction.
  • Pilot recovery program for people with severe addiction
  • Public and private screenings of the “Anonymous People Movie

Our Mission

Promotion of the highest quality services for prevention, assessment and treatment for addiction and mental health problems.

Increase awareness of the biological, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions of health conditions for prevention, assessment and treatment of all illnesses, especially recognizing the mental health and addiction related problems that may be part of the causality and/or complications.

Increase awareness, access, support, accountability and integration of professional and community services for prevention, assessment, treatment and recovery of addiction and mental health problems in a continuing care framework.

To build awareness, challenge social stigma and celebrate the role that recovery plays in improving life for individuals, families and communities.

Our Values

All individuals, families and communities deserve the highest quality prevention, assessment and treatment services for addiction and mental health problems in a stigma-free environment, in the context of holistic – biological, psychological, social and spiritual – model of health and well-being.

All services will be provided in a transparent manner, tailored to the needs of individuals, families and communities with honesty, integrity and humility.

Accountability needs to be factored in all operations of FAMH, especially in collection of charitable donation and liaison with other organizations involved with knowledge translation and services delivery.

Our Team

Cory Hetherington

Cory Hetherington, P.Eng., MBA
Chairperson FAMH

I am a professional engineer with a masters degree in business and a person in recovery. I haven’t had to take a drink or a drug since March 27, 2009. My experience with addiction and recovery is and has been significantly different than the generally accepted understanding and perception of our society. It took me 10 years to get the help I needed after I first suspected I had a problem with drugs and alcohol. The first solution recommended by a professional was to prescribe an antidepressant for a short term mental health condition. Just like drugs and alcohol it provided some sort of temporary short term relief. Over the last 5 years, Dr. Hajela has shared with me the truth about addiction and recovery. We started FAMH to share this truth with individuals, professionals, governments and society as a whole.

Alistair hepworth

Alistair Hepworth,
Vice Chairperson FAMH

Alistair has worked in the marketing and business development area within the energy sector for over 25 years in Europe as well as North America and has experience in senior positions within large corporations as well as in start up ventures. His career positions have included responsibilities for strategy, marketing, business development, budgeting and organizational change. He has been associated with FAMH for over two years and in 2016 was elected to the position of Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors. As well as active participation with FAMH , Alistair is a AHS volunteer.

Raju Hajela

Dr. Raju Hajela, MD, MPH, CCSAM, FASAM, FCFP,
Medical Advisor FAMH

Raju has focused his medical career in learning about and effectively treating addiction and mental health problems that are endemic in communities all over the world. Originally from Lucknow, India, he has been in Canada since 1974. His diverse experience includes serving in the Canadian Forces 1979-1995. He has travelled widely around the world and has lived in Nova Scotia and Ontario, prior to moving to Calgary, Alberta, in 2006. He has practiced Transcendental Meditation since 1986. He has been an active leader in provincial, national and international medical organizations. He is a strong supporter of public education, community development and helping individuals become the best they can be. He is the founding Medical Advisor to FAMH.


David Hiekkenin, P.Eng.
Director FAMH

Dave Heikkinen is a professional engineer with a B.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering. He is industry trained in Project Engineering and Project Management for the oil and gas industry in natural gas facility construction, and is also an part-time artist and musician. Dave has experience working as weekend/part-time support staff at Simon House Recovery Center in Calgary where he had first hand experience caring and supporting addicts in treatment for Severe Addiction. Dave came to know and became involved with FAMH through colleague contacts at Simon House and was nominated to be Treasurer of the Board in 2016, and is now an active participant and member of the FAMH Board of Directors.

Pat Simpson

Pat Simpson,
Director FAMH

Pat has experienced a number of disciplines over his life. He has experience in the Information Technology field, he is a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation and a Financial Advisor. He has experienced the heart wrenching frustration of seeing family, friends and clients going through the extreme hardships of addiction and continued denial. He has also experienced the joy as some of those people found the balance needed to confront their addiction and get the help they needed to move into Recovery.
He believes that FAMH can provide a positive influence in the Addiction and Mental Health field through helping to fund recovery and providing education about this all too prevalent and debilitating disease.
We started FAMH to share this truth with individuals, professionals, governments and society as a whole.


Sue Dietrich, RN
Director FAMH

Sue is versatile leader and recovery advocate with over 20 years of combined experience in healthcare as a Registered Nurse, Clinical Nursing Instructor and Dietitian. As Co-Founder and past Vice-Chairperson of FAMH, Sue now sits on the Board of Directors of FAMH in charge of Social Media and Promotions. As a Certified Yoga Instructor, Reiki Master and TM (Transcendental Meditation) practitioner Sue is passionate about holistic health and is dedicated to assisting individuals on their road to recovery and optimum wellness in her work with FAMH and her own business in the healing arts. Sue is focused on improving addiction and mental health access, enhancing quality education and reducing stigma through compassionate and vocal advocacy.

Mitchells Picture

Mitchell Dahl
Treasurer FAMH

Mitchell is a lifetime resident of Calgary, and works within the Justice Field as a Probation Officer. He graduated as Valedictorian from Bow Valley College with a Justice Studies Diploma in Law Enforcement in 2013. Being a person in recovery for over 16 years, he has firsthand life experience faced by individuals pursuing recovery from Severe Addiction. Along with his own personal experiences he has seen the costs, and destructive effects that untreated Addiction can have on relationships with family, friends, colleagues, professionals, and within the community as a whole. He is passionate about volunteering time with FAMH, ensuring the delivery of educational programs about Addiction and Mental Health to the general public, and understands the importance of challenging & changing the social stigma surrounding these issues.