Foundation for Addiction and Mental Health
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FAMH - Our Vision

A world where addiction and mental health problems are accepted as health conditions without stigma, where long term recovery through a continuing care framework and mutual support is available for all.

Stigma is Discrimination and can be Deadly!

1. Stigma is an obstacle for people with Addiction and Mental Health problems in acknowledgment of difficulties and seeking help.

2. Health professionals are generally so ill-prepared in their training that they often compound stigma by avoiding identification or mistreating Addiction and Mental Health problems.

3. Governments compound stigma by underfunding or misfunding assessment and treatment services for Addiction and Mental Health problems, as they remain stuck in acute, episodic care mentality rather than appreciating the need for chronic disease management in a continuing care framework.

4. People - individuals, family and friends of those affected - need to speak up to seek an end to needless suffering that affects all of us because of overt and hidden costs to society in terms of other illnesses such as diabetes, cancer and heart disease that have associated, underlying Addiction and Mental Health problems.

5. Addiction and Mental Health problems adversely impact every one of us indirectly, if not directly.

All of Us Must Be Assertive to End Stigma and Advocate for Proper Care! Our Lives Hang in the Balance...

Definition of Addiction (ASAM)